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Wrapped Copper Wire Cuff Bracelet

Wrapped Copper Wire Cuff Bracelet

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This striking cuff bracelet has been wrapped in copper wire in a style dating back to ancient civilizations. The copper has been oxidized and buffed to revel warm highlights and a gorgeous sheen.

Wearing raw copper jewelry on the skin has been connected to multiple health benefits. Raw copper is naturally antimicrobial and its microabsorption through the skin provides antioxidants and can aid in copper deficiencies, inflammation and joint pain, and circulation.

Available in three basic sizes but can be adjusted by hand for a perfect fit. 0.5” wide.

Small: <5”
Medium: 6”
Large: >7”

Caution: the coiled nature of this wire bracelet tends to catch and pull on long arm hair

Why can copper turn your skin green? This happens through the natural process of oxidation of metal, it is not a sign of harm or allergies. The copper reacts with the oxygen in the air and the moisture and acidity of your sweat and skin oils, leaving a layer of copper carbonate on your skin. This can be avoided by keeping your copper clean and dry and regularly removing any oil or sweat which
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